Please, help me. 教えてください

When I watched DVD, I couldn't understand the following expressions.

1) I am a diuretic seagull. Everything goes through me.
*A Boss said to her subordinate.
I guess it is like "I am boss" though......

2)Sounds too druggy.

Could you tell me ?
rioka3 Jan 21, 2009


Jan 21, 2009 HADOMAN (波動まん)
diuretic = お腹がゆるい、下痢気味
It's an analogy. If you are a diuretic seagull, everything it eats will go right through its body and come out as poop.

What it could mean depends on the context. It could mean:
1) everything has pass through this boss (the boss has to approve everything).
2) the boss listens, but it goes right through him/her (he/she doesn't remember a thing he/she hears).
Jan 21, 2009 richvh
diuretic->diarrhetic; a "diuretic" is something taken to induce urination.
Jan 21, 2009 rioka3

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I understood it thanks to your explanations.
It's a kind of metaphor, isn't it ?