Five Tips to Improve Academic Writing

Here are five useful tips to improve academic writing immediately.

1) Do not use contractions.
Avoid: don't, can't, shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, isn't, haven't,hasn't
Suggested: do not, cannot, should not, could not, would not, is not, have not, has not

2) Avoid there is/there are

Example 1
Avoid: There are many issues that students face at university.
Suggested: Students face many issues at university.

Example 2
Avoid: There are many development projects that the UN supports.
Suggested: The UN supports many development projects.

3) Avoid using really, very, a lot ,so

Example 1
Avoid: Many students think university is very hard.
Suggested: Many students think university is difficult.

Example 2
Avoid: Bill 399 is really controversial.
Suggested: Bill 399 is controversial.

Example 3
Avoid: A lot of the students...
Suggested: Many students...

Example 4
Avoid:A lot of time is wasted...
Suggested: Much time is wasted...

4) Use active voice and avoid passive voice

Example 1:
Avoid: Healthcare reforms were implemented by Obama.
Suggested: Obama implemented healthcare reforms.

Example 2:
Avoid: The war was won by the French.
Suggested: The French won the war.

5) Use strong verbs

Example 1
Weak verb:He gave assistance to my friend.
Strong verb: He assisted my friend.

Example 2
Weak verb: made an objection
Strong verb: objected

Example 3
Weak verb: conducted an investigation
Strong verb: investigated

Example 4
Weak verb: did an audit
Strong verb: audited

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