Do you have a recipe for Katsu Curry?


I really enjoy Katsu Curry, but every recipe I have used does not taste like authentic Katsu Curry.

Do you have a recipe for Katsu Curry?

Raz Mc Jan 11, 2009


Jan 13, 2009 Pu

you mean Katsu Don curry?? I have some from Japanese recipe at home. If this is the one you are looking for. I'm willing to translate it for you.

Jan 13, 2009 Asmae
Hi ^_^
Excuse me, what is Katsu Don curry?
Jan 13, 2009 megerckmt
Hello everyone,

For your enjoyment...
I'm sorry but it seems to have only Japanese page...
Jan 19, 2009 Raz Mc
Hi Pu,

I've never had Katsu Don Curry but if its not too much hassle, I would be grateful if you can post your recipe.

Jan 29, 2009 Itako
Hi Raz Mc,

Do you know how to make japanese curry and Tonkatsu? If you know those it is quite easy to make Katsu Curry. Because the meaning of the Katsu Curry is Tonkatsu topped (japanese style) curry.

Is it possible to bye japanese curry roux in you country? We, japanese people usually make curry with curry roux, meat, poteto, onion and carrot. But it isn't always necessary to use meat when you make Katsu Curry because meat is already in Tonkashu! Somebody doesn't even put the vegitables in Katsu Curry.

You know, the Tonkatsu is very similar to german food Schnitzel or french food cutlet. The most important point of Tonkatsu is that it schould made by pork but not other kind of meats. Because the Ton- of Tonkatsu means pig or pork in literally japanese.

If you have more question, don't be shay to ask me. I will do my best to answer.