Best. Noodles. Ever.

What's your favourite noodle dish?
What makes your mouth water at just the very thought of it?
Hot, cold, wet, dry, fried, instant, handmade, salad, soup - is there any other way?

Moreover, what is the most special noodle dish you've ever tasted?
Maybe it used unusual ingredients, or was made in a distinctive way? Or was it just plain wierd?

Please share your treasured recipes and tell us all about them!

Let me start things off:

Right now, my favourite noodle dish is bibim guksu.

It's a Korean cold noodle dish, made from somen noodles and chilli paste (gochujang) with cucumber and a hard-boiled egg. It's summer here in Australia and it's perfect for a cool lunch on a hot day.

However, my favourite changes like the direction of the wind!

The most special noodle dish I've ever eaten was called Cao Lau in Hoi An, Vietnam.

It's the specialty of that town, and the hand made noodles can only be made with the water from the well there.

The restaurant was even able to make a vegetarian version for me!
oddddeok Dec 31, 2008


Feb 8, 2009 rEGIS
I like spaghettis best.
Carbonara, Peperoncino, Vongole...
I especially like tomato sources one. This is special for me.
In Japan there exist "cod roe spaghetti"
This is also yummy :D
I like not only spaghettis but also other pastas.
I think all Italian cusines are yummy.