Is the drama おひさま offensive to Americans?

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Jun 29, 2011 09:54
The drama おひさま, now airing on NHK, is a program that shows the current generation about wars. 井上真央 (Inoue Mao) is the leading actress. Also, co-star 満島ひかり (Mitsushima Hikari) is very talented.

In today’s episode, Japan lost WWII. It has been describing how wildly enthusiastic people supported the war and how they lost loved ones. The three leading actresses all lost their lovers. The drama also depicted the Great Tokyo Air Raid (Mar. 10, 1945) and, to some extent, Hiroshima.

However, I don't think the drama is offensive even if Americans watch it. (Many people in China and Korea may think differently, though.) I think it is very natural that the drama describes the war in a way not offensive to Americans.

More than a few people in Japan say that NHK is the government-run broadcasting station, implying that NHK is detached from the people and its programs are too scripted; however, I do not agree with them. NHK is clearly different from government-run broadcasting stations in Western Europe and other countries.

However, the drama itself is boring, compared to many anime, because it is too slow and 井上真央 is not kawaii. 満島ひかり is very talented though. One of the actors 斉藤由貴 (Saito Yuki) is singing the ending theme of the anime Hyogemono.