A Nikkei’s news flash surprised me.

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Jun 28, 2011 13:29 intellectual_property China business international
A special, single news flash came to my smart phone from Nikkei. I thought what again happened in the Fukushima Plant. However, it said that the Chinese government began filing applications for international patents of Chinese bullet trains. Many Japanese people think the technology was stolen from Japan. However, I think such reaction is wrong and excessive. There are two mistakes.

One is that even if Chinese bullet trains are based on Japanese Shinkansen, Chinese companies can obtain patents for the parts that they themselves created. (This is called applied inventions. Almost all the inventions in the world are applied inventions.)

Second is that if Japanese companies that truly created the same technologies did not obtain the patents, those who are wrong are Japanese ones, not Chinese ones. Because patents are not rewards toward inventions, but both inventions and applications. (However, the US takes a different policy.) If an innovator did not make applications, he never has any rights to his invention at all.

Moreover, many Americans would think that was what Japanese companies did to US ones. And, many British people would think that was what Germans did to British companies. And, many Arabian people would think that was what Europeans did to Arabians. Haha.

However, Nikkei’s reaction suggests many Japanese people have a sense of dissatisfaction against China. Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet train, is point of pride for them. It was the symbol of Japan’s success in economy. It started operating in 1964.