Tanaka Rie ? Tanaka Lie?

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Jan 15, 2012 17:54
A Japanese first name, じょうじ (穣治), came from an English name, George. Many native speakers of Japanese could feel that. However, there are names that are not the case. They came from western names but many people don’t feel so. A famous example is なおみ, which came from “Naomi” on the Hebrew bible.

I was surprised to learn that a Japanese man who is じょうじ can obtain his passport of Japan in the name of “George”. That is, he can choose among the following:
(The regulation has changed in 2008.)

A woman who is りえ can choose among these:

There seem to be women whose names are 愛 with reading らぶ. (It’s surprising to me.) They can choose from:
So, “Ms. Tanaka Love (田中愛)” is possible, and she can be the same person as “Ms. Tanaka Rabu”.

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