Some of ANA’s flights are giving you power outlets by every seats.

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Oct 29, 2011 17:53
Next month, I am going to go to NY. It is one of the most enjoyable times that you find the best air tickets. said that flights by way of Beijing were the most inexpensive, but I chose a direct flight for 250 dollars in lower price. Moreover, the flights around Beijing require travelers to stay the night at Beijing on the way to and from NY.
However, I came across a ticket with the same flight as mine 130 dollars lower the next day I bought mine.

As far as I could see, ANA’s economy class (in the line between Tokyo and NY) is the best currently. (I bought the cheaper American’s one.) The reason is that they give wider pitches between before and behind (they gave up the middle class between economy and business, and made economy seats wider.) and power ports (in the normal form, not ones for planes) on all seats.

One of the worst ones is JAL’s.
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