Would you want to work for Mitsubishi Corporation (三菱商事)?

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Oct 24, 2011 20:00
Recently, Japanese enterprises have been saying that they can’t employ Japanese students because their performance is too poor compared with foreign students in Japan. In turn, the enterprises claim they want to positively employ more foreign students.

I, however, think that what they are acutually saying and what they are doing is different. I learned many of the enterprises that will take part in a company information session next month in Boston require native-level Japanese, in addition to English at a business level. By contrast, companies such as Goldman Sachs (Japan), JPMorgan Chase (Japan) expect both Japanese and English at only a business level. This means many Japanese enterprises will, for example, turn Chinese Americans away at the door, even though they have studied Japanese at a high level.

I think those who are lacking in ability are not young students, but rather aged managers in Japanese enterprises.