I came across an interesting ad in today’s papers.

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Sep 2, 2011 14:13
I came across an interesting ad in several of today’s newspapers in Japan. (I attached one. They are the same.)

The man is General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, the head of the occupation army in Japan after the end of WWII, when he first arrived in Japan, and was getting off at the Atsugi Air Base. (This photo is usually on history schoolbooks.) The reason why the ad was in papers today is not clear, but I think his arrival symbolized Japan’s restart and it resulted in the economic success. Today, Japan will have a new administration under the new Premier. The advertiser seems to be looking forward to the re-restart of Japan. This was from a major publisher, Takarajima-sha (宝島社).

I leaned that today was the day of the Signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender.