China is rather interesting.

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Aug 7, 2011 21:29 China
There are independent candidates in China who stand for members of local assemblies without a recommendation or support from the Communist Party. According to the Japanese press, 姚立法 (Yao Lifa), the master of those candidates, was arrested in Beijing (he was arrested once last month but escaped); however, reading the article, I thought China was rather interesting. It was reported that he was at first arrested at the elementary school where he worked. (I do not know if he is a teacher.)

I think he has been on the black list; nevertheless, it seems that he was able to work at a primary school. While no law courts in China, I have heard, are independent from the Party, primary schools may be relatively independent.

In Japan, primary and secondary schools are strongly independent from the party in power. This is because people believed that a system where the party in power has too strong an influence on education could make wars possible. Recently, a lot of people have argued that one problem with the education system is the school's excessive independence.

Well, the name of 姚立法 sounds interesting in Japanese. 立法 is the regular word for legislation. His parents seem curious.
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