China has Changed

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Aug 7, 2011 12:36 China
Once, 周恩來, Zhou Enlai, the first premier of China, built a monument in northeast China to commemorate Japanese immigrants who lost their lives in the war. (What happened there was similar to what happened in the Eastern Front after the German army retreated.)

However, when a local government last month built a monument to mourn the Japanese immigrants, many Chinese people and the mass media strongly criticized the government. Some destroyed it, and in the end, it was removed only 10 days after it was built. Those* who destroyed it were arrested by police, but they were later released as heroes. This affair was picked up by BBC relatively in detail.
* Those of them who ...?

Nobody can stop China?

NHK last week aired a very long program that described 周恩來 (Zhou Enlai), who has been loved by Japanese people. What would he think about this affair?