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Jul 4, 2012 03:53 construction request Urdu
I´m trying to put together handy sentence connectors that will help me when I try to speak in Urdu, but I find it hard to find these translated, and it takes for ever to ask to know each "sentences" individually. I will just write them out, and if any Urdu speaker has the time to help me translate some of them into Urdu, I would be really really grateful. I know that is probably beside the scope of this site (lang-8), but I don´t know where else to ask this.

I will put the ones I have already as well, and if you think they are wrong, please let me know. I have given some example sentences to indicate how these constructs would be used.

1. That is a good/difficult/easy question = Yeh ek accha/mushkil/aasaa savaal hai.
2. Understandably (Example: "Understandably, the child was hungry.") =
3. Frankly speaking (Example: "Frankly speaking, I think the book was rather boring.") =
4. between you and me = aapas kii baat hai...
5. anyway =
6. well then =
7. well, as a matter of fact =
8. How can I put it? = Ya3ani
9. I must say that... =
10. ..and what do you think? (Asking for someone´s opinion)
11. I would like you to know that ...=
12. I´m afraid that (Example: I´m afraid that the shop has closed already.) =
13. Now and then it seems to me that... =
14. After all (Example: "I expected them to lose. After all, they had not practised much.") =
15. As far as I´m concerned =
16. more and more =
17. actually = asal mein
18. all joking aside (Ex: "All joking aside, this is actually a quite serious matter.) =
19. Now seriously =
20. Don´t be upset, but... (Ex. "Don´t be upset, but I´ve crashed the car.") =
21. I am sorry that (Ex. "I am sorry that I hurt you.") =
22. In my opinion = mere xayal se
23. I have the impression that =
24. If I´m not mistaken.... =
25. I´m not certain whether

Thank you for reading this:)