Poka (ぽか - A Careless Mistake)

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May 13, 2018 15:03 English essay
Previously, I introduced you to the onomatopoeia poka poka (ぽかぽか), which represents comfortable warmth that you feel.

However, if you say just poka (ぽか), it would become a noun that means a failure or mistake caused by carelessness.

Poka was originally a term of shogi (将棋 - a Japanese board game resembling chess) or go (碁 - a Chinese board game), which means a bad move that would make it impossible to recover.

Later, this term has come to be used to mean just "failure" or "mistake."

I have no idea why it is called poka, but it could relate to pokan (ぽかん), which is an onomatopoeia that represents a blank stare or getting a hole suddenly.

【Example sentence】
Daiji na bamen de hidoi poka wo shita (大事な場面でひどいぽかをした - I made a careless and terrible mistake at a crucial moment).