Bon Holidays: Day 1 (August 14th)

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Aug 17, 2019 22:09 English essay diary
Bon Holidays: Day 1 (August 14th)

During this period in Japan, many Japanese people are on Bon Holidays.

I was working in Bon holidays for the last several years, but I decided to rest and go play outside this year.

First, I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my friend.

The number of visitors per year to Tokyo Disneyland is around 17 million -- this is the third-largest number in all amusement parks in the world.

Since it was a day of Bon holidays, Disneyland was very crowded, but we could enjoy enough.

I walked and stand for a long time after a long time, so I was very tired.

Incidentally, although it is Tokyo Disneyland, it is not located in Tokyo -- it is actually located in Chiba (next to Tokyo).
お盆休み 一日目(8月14日)