Ken wo Kisou (妍を競う - Vying in Beauty)

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May 30, 2018 18:38 Egnlish essay
When women compete on their beauty, you can describe the situation using the phrase ken wo kisou (妍を競う).

Ken (妍) means a beautiful appearance or grace of a woman and kisou (競う) means to compete or to vie.

Interestingly, the kanji 妍 is used almost only in the phrase ken wo kisou.
(At least, I haven't seen other usage of this kanji.)

Since there are many kanjis that can be read as ken (けん), I think that it is difficult to convey the meaning of ken (妍) in daily conversation.

Also, this phrase might be a little old, and recent young people might not understand it.


「妍」は女性の容貌が美しく整っているさまを表す言葉で、「競う」は "to compete" や "to vie" を意味します。