Hana de Warau (鼻で笑う - Snorting with Laughter)

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Jan 20, 2019 21:08 English essay
Hana de Warau

It is not a good deed, but have you ever sneer or mock at someone?

You can express it by using the Japanese idiom 'hana de warau' (鼻で笑う).

'Hana' (鼻) means "nose" and 'warau' (笑う) means "to laugh," so the literal meaning of 'hana de warau' is "to laugh using one's nose."

When people sneer/mock at someone or express a scornful feeling, they give a snort.

The idiom 'hana de warau' was derived from this fact.

It can be translated into English as "to snort with laughter" or "to laugh through one's nose."



「鼻」は "nose"、「笑う」は "to laugh" を意味するので、「鼻で笑う」の文字どおりの意味は "to laugh using one's nose" となります。



英語で "to snort with laughter" や "to laugh through one's nose" と言うこともできます。