Hinagata (雛形 - form/model/template)

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May 31, 2018 21:28 Egnlish essay
We refer to forms that show how to write documents or models of industrial products as hinagata (雛形).

Hina (雛) means a baby bird and gata/kata (形) means forms or shapes.

The original meaning of hina is "a baby bird," but it can mean that something is little or small.

Because of this, small models that shaped real things came to be called hinagata.

Furthermore, it came also to mean various forms and models.

Incidentally, hinagata on computer data are often referred to as tempurēto (テンプレート - template), which is the loanword from English.


「雛」は、卵からかえったばかりの鳥の子、すなわち "a baby bird" を、「形」は "form" や "shape" を意味します。

「雛」の本来の意味は "a baby bird" ですが、「幼いこと」や「小さいこと」を意味することもできます。