Hisho (秘書 - Secretary)

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May 22, 2018 17:48 Egnlish essay
People who assist works of a key person such as a president or a minister, or their job is called hisho (秘書).

Since hi (秘) means "secret" and sho (書) means "paper" or "book," the literal meaning of hisho is "a secret paper/book."

This term was used in China, and it was imported into Japan in the Heian period; originally, it literally meant "a secret paper/book" in both countries.

It seems that after a kind of occupation "secretary" was imported from the Western, hisho came to be used for a person or a job.


「秘」は "secret," 「書」は "paper" や "book" を意味するので、「秘書」の文字通りの意味は "a secret paper" となります。


欧米から "secretary" という職種が輸入されたことをきっかけに、「秘書」が「人」や「職」を指す言葉として定着したようです。
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