Gohounen Kudasai (ご放念ください - Please Disregard Something)

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Nov 17, 2018 04:14 English essay
Gohounen Kudasai

Several days ago, I used the phrase 'gohounen kudasai' (ご放念下さい) when writing an e-mail.

'Go' (ご) is a polite prefix, 'hou' (放) means "to let something go," 'nen' (念) means "mind" or "care," 'kudasai' (ください), so the literal meaning of this phrase is "Please let your mind/care go."

This phrase is used when you do not want someone to care about something or you want someone to forget something.

For example, when you find that you sent an e-mail to someone by mistake, you can use it on another e-mail to apologize for your mistake.


「ご」は丁寧の接頭辞、「放」は "to let something go"、「念」は "mind" や "care"、「ください」は "please" を意味します。