Kou Itten (紅一点 - The Only Woman in a Group)

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Nov 11, 2018 22:01 English essay
Kou Itten

A group I know is composed of about twenty men and one woman.

When a woman belonging to a male group like this case, she is referred to as 'kou itten' (紅一点).

'Kou' (紅) means "red" or "crimson," 'i/ichi' (一) means "one," and 'ten' (点) means "point."

Originally, this term was used in China to mean "one crimson flower blooming in a field of grass."

In Japan, it came to mean "a different thing among many things," furthermore, these days it is usually used to mean "a woman among many men."



「紅」は "red" や "crimson," 「一」は "one," 「点」は "point" を意味します。