Jinkō Chinō (人工知能 - Artificial Intelligence)

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Jul 25, 2019 20:17 English essay
Jinkō Chinō

'Jinkō Chinō' (人工知能) is one of the major themes of the academic conference I am participating in.

Since 'jin' (人) means "human" or "people" and 'kō' (工) means "create," 'jinko' (人工) means "man-made" or "artificial."

In addition, since 'chi' (知) means "knowledge" and 'nō' (能) means "ability," 'chinō' (知能) means "intelligence."

As you can guess, 'jinkō chinō' literally means "artificial intelligence (AI)."

In Japan, this stream of AI is described as "the third artificial intelligence boom," and it is expected to use AI in various fields.


「人」は "human" や "people"、「工」は "create" を意味するので、「人工」の意味は "man-made" や "artificial" となります。

また、「知」は "knowledge"、「能」は "ability" を意味するので、「知能」の意味は "Intelligence" となります。

ご想像のとおり、「人工知能」は文字どおり "artificial inteligence (AI)" を意味します。