Fune wo Kogu (船を漕ぐ - Rowing a Boat)

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May 20, 2018 00:03 Egnlish essay
I often do an act called fune wo kogu (船を漕ぐ) on my chair.

Fune (船) means "a boat" or "a ship" and kogu (漕ぐ) means "to row."

Of course, the expression fune wo kogu can literally mean to row a boat.

However, if someone says it in a conversation unrelated to "boat/shio" nor "sea/ocean," it would mean to nod off or to be about to fall asleep.

Because a person who is about to fall asleep moves the body forwards and backwards and it looks as if he/her is rowing a boat.


「船」は "boat," 「漕ぐ」は "to row" を意味します。

もちろん「船を漕ぐ」という表現は、文字通り "to row a boat" を意味することもあります。


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