Isu (椅子 - Chair)

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May 18, 2019 22:35 English essay

Yesterday, I introduced the Japanese 'koshikake' (腰掛け), which means "chair" or "makeshift job."

However, when you want to mean "chair," it is more common to use another word, 'isu' (椅子).

椅 is a kanji that means a thing or wood to lean on, and 'su' (子) is a suffix attached to small things.

It is thought that this comes from the fact that most chairs in the past in Japan (or China) were made of wood.

The chair has a long history -- it is said that the oldest chair in the world is the chair of Queen Hetepheres used in ancient Egypt (about 2500 BC).


しかし、"Chair" を意味したい場合は、「椅子」という言葉のほうがより一般的に利用されます。