Petto Botoru (ペットボトル - Plastic Bottles)

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Aug 13, 2019 15:51 English essay
Petto Botoru

Plastic bottles are called 'petto botoru' (ペットボトル) in Japanese.

'Petto botoru' can be written as "PET bottle" in English, and "PET" is short for a kind of plastic, "polyethylene terephthalate."

That is to say, the literal meaning of 'petto botoru' is "bottle made of polyethylene terephthalate."

If English speakers hear that you say "pet bottle," they can make a big misunderstanding, so please be careful when using this term.

Incidentally, the consumption of plastic bottles in the world exceeds one million every minute, and the garbage problem is getting more acute.

"Plastic bottle" のことを日本では「ペットボトル」と言います。

「ペットボトル」は "PET bottle" と書き、"PET" は "polyethylene terephthalate" を略したものです。