Asu wa Wagami (明日は我が身 - Tomorrow It Might Be Me)

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Jan 28, 2019 18:05 English essay
Asu wa Wagami

Have you ever seen someone's misfortune in front of you?

You might think that it is just an event of other people and does not concern you, but a similar misfortune could befall you in the near future.

'Asu wa wagami' (明日は我が身) is a Japanese phrase that admonishes people for such a possibility.

'Asu' (明日) means "tomorrow," 'waga' (我が) means "my," and 'mi' (身) means "body."

That is to say, 'asu wa wagami' literally says that it might happen to my body tomorrow.




「明日」は "tomorrow"、「我が」は "my"、「身」は "body" を意味します。

すなわち「明日は我が身」とは、"it might happen to my body tomorrow" というわけです。