Hakaba made Motteiku (墓場まで持っていく - Taking Something to One's Grave)

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Jul 28, 2019 19:04 English essay
Hakaba made Motteiku

Do you have a serious secret that you cannot talk to anyone?

Such a deep secret is sometimes described as 'hakaba/haka made motteiku' (墓場/墓まで持っていく).

Since 'hakaba/haka' (墓場/墓 means "grave" and 'motteiku' (持っていく) means "to take something to somewhere," the literal meaning of 'hakaba made motteiku' is "to take something (secret) to one's grave."

In other words, this expression implies that someone never tells his/her secret in their life, and goes into the grave with the secret.



「墓場」は ""、「持っていく」は "" を意味するので、「墓場まで持っていく」の文字どおりの意味は "" です。

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