Fried Rice

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Jan 30, 2015 23:31 English diary
Since I became hungry, I opened the refrigerator in my laboratory.

There were only some eggs and some condiments.

Also, I cooked rice this morning and it was still left.

Then I decided to make a fried rice though there were no meat and vegetables.

I love fried rice and I often make it because it's delicious and easy to make.

After a while, a rustic fried rice was completed.

It not have much of a taste, but I like it.

Mogumogu... I have enjoyed the meal.

Also, when I make a fried rice, I remember the following song.

 (;`・ω・)  。・゚・⌒) チャーハン作るよ!!
 /   o━ヽニニフ))

        アッ! 。・゚・
  ∧,,∧ て     。・゚・。・゚・
 (; ´゚ω゚)て   //
 /   o━ヽニニフ
 しー-J    彡

    ∧,,∧    ショボーン
   ( ´・ω・)
  c(,_U_U      ・゚・。・ ゚・。・゚・ 。・゚・