Usankusai (胡散臭い - Doubtful)

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Nov 22, 2018 23:12 English essay

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term 'kinakusai' (きな臭い), which means that something is suspicious.

There is another term 'usankusai' (胡散臭い), which has a similar meaning to 'kinakusai'.

'Usan' (胡散) means that something is suspicious, and 'kusai' (臭い) is a prefix that has the meaning of "seem like" and a negative nuance.

As I mentioned yesterday, 'kinakusai' implies that something bad (such as a fire) is about to occur.

On the other hand, 'usankusai' is often used to mean that something seems like somewhat suspicious/doubtful.





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