Kanjin (肝心 - Important/Key)

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May 15, 2018 12:28 English essay
Today can be described as kanjin (肝心) for me.

Kanjin is a word that means very important or key things.

The kan (肝) in kanjin means "liver" and the jin (心) means "heart."

Since both the liver and the heart are very important for your body, kanjin has the meaning of "important."

If you want to emphasize the word kanjin, you can say kanjin-kaname (肝心要) by adding the word kaname (要 - an important part).

【Example sentence】
Kare wa kono kanjin na toki ni inai (彼はこの肝心な時にいない - He is not here at this critical moment).

Jūyō (重要), taisetsu (大切)