Shikō Sakugo (試行錯誤 - Trial and Error)

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Aug 11, 2019 15:16 English essay
Shikō Sakugo

I like a kind of methods for solving problems, 'shikō sakugo' (試行錯誤).

'Shikō' (試行) means "to try something" and 'sakugo' (錯誤) means "error" or "mistake."

That is to say, 'sikō sakugo' means that you try to find a method for solving a problem by repeating trial and error.

As mentioned above, this four-character idiom is often translated as "trial and error."

However, somehow many Japanese people refer to "trial and error" as 'torai ando erā' (トライアンドエラー - "try and error").




英語では "trial and error" と訳されます。

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