Yo wo Akasu (夜を明かす - Passing a Night)

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May 26, 2018 06:20 Egnlish essay
As a result of preparing a presentation for an academic conference, yo wo akashi mashita (夜を明かしました).

Yo (夜) is a common Japanese word that means "night."

Akasu (明かす) usually means to clarify or reveal something, but it can also mean to greet the morning.

That is to say, yo wo akasu means that you spend a night without sleeping and greet the morning.

Incidentally, several Japanese phrases use the verb akasu (明かす); for example, naki akasu (泣き明かす - crying until morning), nomi akasu (飲み明かす - drinking until morning), and katari akasu (語り明かす - talking until morning).

All of these phrase means to do something all night and see the morning.


「夜」は "night" を意味する一般的な日本語です。