Atarimaeda no Kurakkā (あたり前田のクラッカー)

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Sep 14, 2019 11:43 English essay
Atarimaeda no Kurakkā

Two days ago, I introduced the term 'atarimae' (当たり前), which means "of course" or "natural(ly)."

There is a famous old pun that uses 'atarimae' -- it is 'atarimaeda no kurakkā' (あたり前田のクラッカー).

This pun became popular due to a TV commercial that was broadcast in the 1960s by a Japanese confectionery company named Maeda Seika, which specializes in crackers and biscuits.

It was made by just connecting 'atarimae' and 'Maeda no kurakkā' (前田のクラッカー - "Maeda's Cracker") -- it has no profound meaning.

In the past, many people said 'atarimaeda no kurakkā' instead of saying 'atarimae'.

二日前、私は "of corse" を意味する「当たり前」という言葉を紹介しました。