Bon Holidays: Day 2 (August 15th)

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Aug 18, 2019 23:50 English diary
Bon Holidays: Day 2 (August 15th)

Today, I decided to rest my body the whole day because I felt so tired and had pain in my leg muscles.

I did not go outside except for a little time -- I ate fast food and watched movies using a projector at home with my friend.

Using a service called Disney DELUXE (Disney's movies/videos distribution service), we enjoyed various Disney movies made in different ages.

To tell you the truth, we plan to go to Tokyo DisneySea tomorrow, so this watching movies is a kind of preparation for enjoying our visit more.
お盆休み 二日目(8月15日)



Disney DELUXE (ディズニーの映画・動画配信サービス)を契約し、古い作品から最近の作品までさまざまな映像を楽しみました。