Aiso Warai (愛想笑い - Fake Smile)

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May 26, 2019 17:15 English essay
Aiso Warai

I am not good at doing 'aiso warai' (愛想笑い).

'Aiso warai' is a diplomatic smile to get on someone's good side.

'Aiso' (愛想) is an attitude when dealing with someone or an affable attitude, and 'warai' (笑い) means "laugh" or "smile," so the literal meaning of 'aiso warai' is "an affable smile."

There are various opinions as to whether 'aiso warai' (fake smile) is good or bad for human relationships.

In my opinion, people who have the ability to make 'aiso warai' well can smooth human relations.



「愛想」は「人に接するときの態度」や「人当たりの良い態度」を、「笑い」は "laugh" を意味するので、「愛想笑い」の文字どおりの意味は "" となります。


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