Doro no You ni Nemuru (泥のように眠る - Sleeping like a Log)

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Jan 29, 2019 22:11 English essay
Doro no You ni Nemuru

I will 'doro no you ni nemuru' (泥のように眠る) tonight.

'Do ro no you ni nemuru' means that you have a deep sleep as much as anyone can't awake you.

'Doro' (泥) means "mud," 'no you ni' (のように) means "like," and 'nemuru' (眠る) means "to sleep," so the literal meaning of this phrase is "to sleep like mud."

It is thought that this phrase comes from an imaginary marine creature 泥 (dei), which appears in ancient Chinese stories.

Since this creature has no bones, it would become like mud and stop moving when getting out of the sea.



「泥」は "mud"、「のように」は "like"、「眠る」は "to sleep" を意味するので、「泥のように眠る」の文字どおりの意味は "to sleep like mud" となります。