Marunage (丸投げ - Leave All Things)

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Jul 3, 2019 19:36 English essay

It is not good to do 'marunage' (丸投げ) your work to someone.

'Marunage' means to leave all the work or tasks that you have to do to someone.

'Maru' (丸) usually means "circle" or "sphere," but it can also mean "perfect" or "all" due to the completeness of circle/sphere.

In addition, 'nage' (投げ) means "to throw."

That is to say, 'marunage' literally means to throw all things at someone.

[Example] 'Jōshi wa itsumo watashi ni shigoto wo marunage suru' (上司はいつも私に仕事を丸投げする - "My boss always leave all his jobs to me").



「丸」は "circle" や "sphere" を意味しますが、その完全性から「完全」や「全て」を意味することもあります。

また、「投げ」は "to throw" を意味します。

すなわち「丸投げ」は、文字どおり "to throw all things at someone" を意味するというわけです。

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