Otasā no Hime (オタサーの姫 - "Princess in a Nerds' Club")

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Nov 12, 2018 19:54 English essay
Otasā no Hime

Yesterday, I introduced you to the term 'kou itten' (紅一点), which means a woman among many men.

Today, I would like to introduce the slang term 'otasā no hime' (オタサーの姫), which has a similar meaning to it.

'Otasā' (オタサー) is short for 'otaku no sākuru' (オタクのサークル - literally "nerds' club"), and 'hime' (姫) means "princess."

This term is used when referring to one or a few female members belonging to a liberal-arts-oriented club that is composed mainly of men (especially nerds).

Since male members in such clubs often treat a few female members as "princess," they has come to be called 'otasā no hime.'



「オタサー」は大学等における「オタクのサークル」の略、姫は "princess" を意味します。


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