Shibui Kao (渋い顔 - Sour Face)

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Aug 2, 2019 18:38 English essay
Shibui Kao

I usually have a 'shibui kao' (渋い顔) when feeling bad, uncomfortable, or offended.

Since 'shibui' (渋い) means "bitter" and 'kao' (顔) means "face," the literal meaning of 'shibui kao' is "bitter face."

'Shibui kao' is usually used to mean a sour face, but it can also mean an attractive face of a man.

The adjective 'shibui' can be a compliment to express an adult firm man or a tasteful thing.

For example, you can say 'shibui otoko' (渋い男 - "dandy") or 'shibui tokei' (渋い時計 - "cool watch").


「渋い」は "bitter"、「顔」は "face" を意味するので、「渋い顔」の文字どおりの意味は "bitter face" です。