Sobazue wo Kū (側杖を食う - Becoming Embroiled)

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May 21, 2019 19:36 English essay
Sobazue wo Kū

Yesterday, I introduced the Japanese word 'tobacchiri' (とばっちり), which means to become embroiled in something.

There is another phrase that has a similar meaning to 'tobacchiri' -- it is 'sobazue wo kū' (側杖を食う).

'Soba' (側) means "nearby" and 'zue/tsue' (杖) means "cane."

In addition, 'kū' (食う) usually means "to eat," but here it means that you receive/incur something, so the literal meaning of 'sobazue wo kū' is "to receive/incur a nearby cane."

This phrase implies that if you are near people who are fighting using a cane, you will be hit wit the cane.

昨日は "" を意味する「とばっちり」という日本語を紹介しました。


「側」は "nearby"、「杖」は "cane" を意味します。

また、「食う」は通常 "to eat" を意味しますが、ここでは被害を受けるという意味であるため、「側杖を食う」の文字どおりの意味は "to receive/incur a nearby cane" となります。