Lang-8でしりとり / Shiritori on Lang-8 Top





Group Description

Let's practice our English and 日本語 by playing Shiritori!

★ Each topic in this group is a Shiritori game.

★ Anyone can join at any time.

★ You play by writing a Japanese word that starts with the last syllable of the word used by the previous player. For instance: if a player chooses the word 「ケーキ」 (cake), the next player can use the word 「急須(きゅうす)」 (teapot).

★ You may not choose a word that was already used in the game, or a word that ends with ん (since there aren't words in Japanese that start with ん).

★ Write a sample sentence that uses the word in Japanese and English.

★ Unlike the original Japanese Shiritori, any kind of word (noun, verb, adjective or adverb) can be used.

It's fine to make corrections on the words and sentences used by other players. That way, everyone can learn!

(Credit where due: this group's image was taken from the Wikipedia article on Shiritori!)