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Dec 10, 2014 17:40
There was a kimono show at a hotel on Sunday.

I am not a model though, as you can see, I was on a stage in kimono. A month ago, a kimono stylist asked me to work as a model by wearing her coordinated kimono on the show. I instantly accepted her offer, as I wanted to do anything new at the time.

I was so nervous from early morning on the day that I felt a bit sick. However, I know that was caused by a psychological phenomenon, so I shook myself up and took off.

That was a dinner party, and ten models were sorted in a different table. I never expected that I radiated some sort of aura there, though, that might have been a certain approachable one. A twenty nine year old lady said to me, "While I was looking at the kimono show, I wanted to take the same table as yours!"

Since I was hunger for love, I really felt happy to hear that. After chatting with her for a while, she told me that she wanted to learn English from me. What a quick attachment it was! lol I am straight just in case you didn't know...

I am surprisingly poor with romance from my earlier years. The first love from my college saw me as a sister, and the second love saw me as just a friend to the end.

Considering it favorably, I've got a lot of friendly-aura, haven't I!?


みんな知ってるように、私はモデルではないけど、着物で舞台に上がることになった。 一ヶ月前に着物のスタイリストが私に彼女のコーディネイトした着物のモデルになって欲しいと言ってきた。私は その時、新しいことをなんでもやってみたかったので、即座に引き受けた。



愛に飢えていた私は、それを聞いてすごく嬉しかった。しばらく彼女と話した後、彼女は私から英語を習いたいとも言ってくれた。なんていう素早い愛情の成立! 一応、念の為に、、、私はストレイト、、だと思う。笑


このことは、肯定的に考えれば、私はたくさんの「友達オーラ」を持っているってこと! だよね?

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