Did Philippine Get a Great Influence From the US? フィリピンの文化は アメリカの影響を受けたの?

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Aug 30, 2010 22:43
Where do you usually get information about good doctors or dentists?

I talked with a Filipino English teacher this morning, and she said that she could get reliable information mostly from her friends because Filipinos would take the time to chat a lot, compared to Japanese people. This is what she said.

Besides the difference of time management, I found some cultural diversity between them and the Japanese. I feel that they are naturally talking about various things, like one example is that the teacher had diarrhea the day before, and felt bad during working time. I have not heard of the story so often from Japanese people. Even me, I would not talk about it to my Japanese friends. It's very strange that I told you this in my entry, but not to my Japanese friends! I feel I am secretive to some extent.

Backing last month, when I had a pain with my tooth, I did not tell my friends about it. There were some reasons; It would not be an interesting topic, and I did not want to disclose my weak point which was my tooth problem. Therefore, I did not get any information about good dentists from anyone. I was beating around an ache dentist on the net on my own.

Today, I thought that if I were a Filipino, who would be open-minded, I would have gotten better information from my friends. I feel that the country Philipine got a huge influence from the US and maybe Spain in their history. They are really easy and fun to talk with.