I Thought About an Existance of Disability Today 障害のある生活

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Aug 29, 2010 22:22

I know a blind man who is working as a massage practitioner. Working as a massage practitioner is one of the most common jobs for the blinds in Japan.

Actually, he is my senior of high school. He became blind on the ground of an eye disease in his thirties.

The other day, I happened to talk with him about ear problems , I had an intake of breath when I heard this from him: "Losing eye-sight is not a big problem, but impairing hearing would be a big trouble."

He threw off the word unconsciously. I was a bit surprised, because losing eye-sight is something that I could not live with, and my idea is that it would be more tragic than I can imagine. I can't compare with the two problems though, I was gradually understanding his word, because he is a person who can prove to be able to live happily and support his family without eye-sight.

In the event, I was relieved to know that he didn't take his situation as an extreme tragedy. I thought that he might have already accepted it after his struggling to get it over.

I watched the video below, many of you might be moved by it. I rather feel a chest pain with great and complex emotion.