@ Do You Like Submissive Women? 服従する女性、好きですか?

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Aug 23, 2010 23:04
One of my Japanese friends called me tonight, and we chatted over the phone for almost an hour!

She is really a typical and kind Japanese woman. I call her a typical Japanese woman because she is not good at saying, "No" to anyone. It seems that she is really disappointed with (in) herself because of that reason.

She believes that pushovers like herself are easily taken advantaged of by people who are manipulative. She has met lots of those people, and by that time( within the moment), she has felt that she was an underdog.

I really felt sorry for her about her having such nagative thoughts about herself.

If I had not studied English and learned about other cultures, it might be possible that I would have lived without asserting myself. Some decades ago, this reserved personality for women was highly valued, I guess.

She didn't talk about her relationship with her husband so much, but she eventually unsealed her lips and talked about what it's like for her spending time with her husband. I assumed that was the real reason why she seemed down.

Their life sounds strange to me. After her husband comes home from work, he eats dinner while watching TV. He goes upstairs alone soon after, has a bath and goes to sleep. She does not know what time he actually goes to sleep.

What astonished me was that her husband wants to spend the morning alone, including eating breakfast. So, she prepares his breakfast at midnight so as to leave him alone in the morning. She stays in bed until he leaves for work. She does what he wants her to do! (^_^;)

She is so submissive, at least by my standard. She cannot say "No" even to her husband. I can't do anything for her, except listen to her, because this is what she chooses to do.

To me, her life is just like a drama from the Edo period.