---Writing a Diary Every Day is not Easy, but It Will Pay Off! 日記を書くことで 英語力がつく!

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Aug 22, 2010 23:05
Today was a very exciting day for me! I was finally able to see "Natsuko Toda", and listened to her speech.

She has been looked longingly at for a long time by lots of Japanese movie fans. Once we hear the word "movie subtitles", only a single name pops into our mind, "Natsuko Toda." She is the most famous subtitler in Japan. The most recent her job was "Avatar."

She talked about some interesting episodes with Hollywood movie stars and directors, such as James Cameron, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey and so on. As most of the time when they visit Japan, Natsuko works as their interpreter. This is what I am envious of her! I can't work as a subtitler, but if she did me a favor, I would happily take over her job for Hollywood stars' interviews! (^^)

She also talked about how to improve English skills. Surprisingly, her first chance to talk to a foreigner was when she was over 30 years old. She had never been and lived in foreign countries so far, so her advice really got to my heart. I wanted to know how she brushed up her English without living in English speaking countries.

She mentioned a good balance of the four skills of English; reading, writing, speaking and listening. What I was surprised was that she said that promoting writing skills is the most efficient practice. Really?

If it is true, my everyday effort to write a diary here is without a doubt the best way!

Yay! I was so glad when I heard her word.

Today was a wonderful day. Although I was only one of the audience for her, I really felt that she was talking to me from the stage, and I felt on top of the world!

I'm very simple, aren't I?