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Aug 21, 2010 21:51

Today, the final games (finals) of the national high school baseball championship took place.( were played.)

This event, (which is) held every summer in Japan, has become a national tradition.

One baseball team, which advanced to the top out of all the high school baseball teams, in each prefecture can go to Koshien Stadium.
(The baseball teams that advanced to the top in their respective prefectures now will play each other on the hallowed, revered grounds of Koshien Stadium for the national championship.)

It is the doorway for the players to enter Professional Baseball.
(It's the door through which many of the players will enter Professional Baseball.)

I was so excited to root for my team the other day-- I mean the team from my prefecture-- but unfortunately they lost 7 to 6.

I love this event very much because people become aware of their hometown, even though they are living mostly in big cities for their work, they crazily cheer for the team from their hometown.
(I love this event very much because even the people who are now working in the big cities suddenly become re-attached to their smaller hometowns and crazily cheer for them. It's sort of like a homecoming away from home.)

I think we need time once in a while when you remember your home, regardless of where you are living, and long for it.
(I think occasionally need a time in which to remember our hometowns, regardless of how far away we are. And, for a little while at least, we should all feel a longing to be there once again, if only to see our baseball teams win in person!)

During this tournament, I like to see people band together, and try to attain their dreams.
(During this tournament, I like to see people band together, to try to attain their collective dream of becoming baseball champions.)

High school baseball players teach us lots of things through the game.

We see their tears with joy or a loss, but all of what we can see through their performance is extremely beautiful and touching.

This video clip is not this year's, but you get the idea aand spirit of our baseball-crazy country.

I get excited about it every year!