@ Japan's Marriage Hunting Craze    婚活(こんかつ)

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Aug 20, 2010 22:53

I have been meeting more single men and women, who are in their late 20s, 30s and 40s, when I attend some group activities than I used to.

An article that I found on the net talked about Japan's current fad, which is marriage-hunting, "kon-katsu" in Japanese. "Kon-katsu" is a buzzword for the Japanese media, and it's a play on the word "job-hunting."

A recent survey says that the ideal life for women, conducted by single women, is being a housewife! What a surprise! Speaking of vigorous movements for women, a decade ago, they sought for a fair society and a lifelong career.

Thus, apealling to Mr-Right has become quite a business in Japan, where marriage rates have plummeted in recent years. Some match-making companies set up parties for single men and women.

The problem is that men have become less aggressive about finding a partner and getting married, because of money troubles and uncertainty about their jobs. I understand their feelings. The more they feel responsible about supporting their families, the more timid they feel without stable jobs and income.

It's a difficult situation.

I found this video, where young women are learning manners in order to get the right person. I'm actually not impressed with their ulterior motives. I don't know... As I prefer to be natural. (^^)