@ Foreigners' Rights in Japan 外国人の権利のための本

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Aug 19, 2010 22:22

Have you ever felt that living in Japan is not easy?

I'm guessing that living in a foreign country is not as easy as I imagine it to be. There must be lots of procedures and inquiries you have to go through, and you have to increase your knowledge.

I wonder where you can go and who you can ask, if you have serious problems. Most Japanese people don't know about laws in regard to foreigners. You will have difficulty (in) finding an English-speaking lawyer, and if you lucky enough to find him, it must be expensive!

If you are working in Japan, I think you should know your legal rights, just in case you have problems with the employer or the company.

I started thinking about it a couple of days ago, because my Ameircan friend has been in trouble with her company. I wish I were more knowledgeable about foreigner' rights, so I could help her.

But you know, I finally found a good guide book for foreigners. There seems to be covered a wide range of topics; visas and residence, labor laws, medical and other types of insurance, marriage and divorce, childbirth and children, driving, arrests, and death. It's available in both English and Japanese. There is a Chinese version too.

The title of the book is "A Guide to Foreigners' Rights in Japan" or "Gaikokujin o Sapoto suru Tame no Seikatsu Manyuaru" in Japanese. It is published by 3A Corporation, which is an NGO. I think that the organization will help foreigners in many ways. Tel: 03-5802-6033 Fax:03-5802-6034 email: fmwj@jca.apc.org

The price seems to be over 2000yen, but I heard it's definitely more worth the price for those staying in Japan long enough.

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