@ Are You Superstitious? 迷信を信じますか?

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Aug 18, 2010 22:09

How superstitious are you?

When I find a little break on one nail in the evening or at night, I'm always torn between whether I should cut it or wait until the next morning. It is because of my superstitious dread!

I don't want to be very superstitious, but once I hear some examples, I can't disregard them. Some people like to talk about superstitious notions, but I don't. If I knew hundreds of them, I would be fettered and could not move freely.

One person told me that I should not cut my nails in the evening. Another person told me that it is at night. Then, eventually, the time scope was expanded from evening to late night. It's too bad.

I heard the top two superstitions in the West. "You shouldn't open your umbrella inside" and "You shouldn't walk under a ladder"
Also, I learned that after having good luck, you say "knock on wood" or "touch wood" Am I right?

I like them. Even if they were the rules, I wouldn't find difficulty conforming to them. It's a very rare case that you have to open your umbrella inside the house. Also you don't use a ladder so often lately.

How about the "knock on wood" thing? Do you do this all the time? Because of your superstitious fear? (^^;)


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